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My Story

It possibly sounds odd to start this bio saying I feel blessed, however, that is how I feel about my life. It wasn’t always this way of course, and if I was to ‘live in the past’ there is no way I could write this. However, I choose to live my life in the moment and with that, I have found happiness. I find happiness in the simple things like watching and listening to the birds, watching the ocean, the stars and even by simply driving on a dirt road.


I’ve grown a lot since the death of my beautiful daughter, Jessica; I’ve learnt a lot about resilience and happiness. Learning to be at one with myself and learning to find happiness from within is the most important thing I’ve learnt on this journey of child bereavement.


My husband Brad, and I are the parents of three amazing children; Jess, who will be forever nineteen, Nathan and Dylan, plus the fur baby, Jess’s cat, Mila.



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